Garguree Swampcare Sunday July 2 from 9am.

This Sunday we are back Garguree Swampcare at the Gully in Katoomba. We start the regeneration work at 9am and finish up at 11.30am to then gather for a cuppa and some morning tea.

The current weather prediction is for a minimum of 1 degree to a maximum of 12 degrees with a chance of precipitation.
If you drive the place to park is the cul-de-sac next to the Gully Heritage Centre, 23 Gates Avenue Katoomba.

Please have a look at the progress of the Bush Tucker Garden thanks to BMCC for setting up the sandstone edge, it looks brilliant.

Please follow the Gully walk up to middle swamp and we will gather near the covered sitting area. Current plans are to work the middle swamp area for the next 3 workdays before moving to the top area around the big swamp for the final 3 workdays of 2017.