March 5, 2017 Weeding, Clean Up Garguree Swampcare, Ukuleles and Australian Wildlife Display

Maple Grove Reserve Katoomba Falls Road, Katoomba.
Cancelled if the weather becomes wet and stormy.

Well we are back this Sunday for the 2017 March edition of Garguree Swampcare from 9am to 12.30pm.

Please bring a cup, something to sit on and a towel as the area will probably still be moist after all the rain. This is on top of a hat, long sleeves, pants, enclosed shoes and a bottle of water.

We have a group of Ukulele players who have volunteered to come along and play due to all the brilliant work everyone is doing at Swampcare. Hopefully it will release my only ukulele image which is Tinny Tim singing tip toe through the tulips.

We also have our regular morning tea which is always a treat and during this time there will be a reptile display. I will tell you why I paid them to come along on Sunday.

Our goal for the first two hours is to keep on removing the weeds that we have worked on in the Grove for the last few years in March.

We will also work the area for rubbish removal and Jane from BMCC will bring gumboots for those confident enough to drop into the creekline.

I love Garguree Swampcare workdays so no matter what the day brings, being on Country is just a beautiful thing.

The Bushcare picnic is at the end of April

The 2017 Bushcare Picnic

To attend the picnic you don’t have to serve a certain amount of time, if you have joined us for a workday over the last 12 months then you qualify to eat food cooked by BMCC. Always an awesome event and this time there is an overnight camp with snoring people.

In May KCC (Katoomba Christian Convention Centre) has their Landcare workday, Saturday May 13 from 9am to 4pm. we need to plant 200 tubestock and attack some major weed areas. I will add a registration page in April for those who haven’t already indicated they can attend. Morning Tea and Lunch provided.

Hope to see some if not a lot of you on Sunday.