Plans pencilled in for 2017

Currently this is pencilled in for 2017:

(1) February – Story board due to the heat removing Monbretia.

(2) March – At Maple Grove on Clean Up Australia day.

(3) April – Gully Heritage Centre working on a Bush Tucker Garden, Memorial Garden and the Gully behind the Frogs Hollow path. There will also be a short talk during the morning tea.

(4) May – Firefly Corner with BYO morning tea. Tea, coffee, chai , hot chocolate and cordial – the liquid component will be provided.

(5) June – Middle Swamp

(6) July – Gully Heritage where we should be planting out the Bush Tucker Garden. NAIDOC talk.

(7) August – Middle Swamp.

(8) September – Return to the Gully community path area where we had the Privet day in 2016.

(9) October – Storyboard.

(10) November – Middle Swamp tree planting day, re-visit the planting and Edith weeds, and plantings at Guardian tree.

(11) December – Close out the year at Firefly.