Upcoming Garguree Swampcare Community Bush Regeneration Days.

Upcoming Garguree Swampcare Community Bush Regeneration Days.
September 3 – Middle Swamp to do a final sweep of weeds, plantings and habitat for 2017. I forgot to ask about the Bioblitz day at Springwood recently run by the Bushcare Network. If people are happy maybe we can sit down and have a yarning circle during morning tea to share any items we could add into the work we do. Or just share some thoughts.
October 1 – Return to follow up on the privet area where we worked last year on the community day.
November 5 – The planting day or combined day, another great Swampcare day. So on this day we will plant and if all goes to plan have a speaker on habitat, birds, bees and water bugs. This will occur at the bottom of the grassy area next to middle swamp.
December 3 – We will finish this calendar year back at where we began at the Storyboard area where we ate ice cream sundaes.
Hope to see everyone at one of our upcoming community bush regeneration days. Thanks everyone.