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Garguree Swampcare returns Sunday March 7 at 9am.

The next workday will be continuing the work started in January on the montbretia.

We will be working in the same area but the vehicles will be set up on the back straight behind the storyboard area and old toilet block near middle swamp along the Gully Walk.

Depending on the amount of people in attendance there is another spot that needs some montbretia work done and we have some leftover material from the Happy Habitat Day to place around middle swamp.

In March it will be Clean Up Australia Day meeting at Maple Grove.  Then our next workday will be May as the April workday falls on a public holiday.

These events are open to people of all ages. Please ensure you wear suitable clothing for working in the bush. Please wear a hat. Please bring a cup and bottle of water. All tools, gloves and training will be provided on the day. We have a cuppa at the end of our time from around 11.30am until 12.00pm.

Our workday starts at 9am and we finish at 12pm. Hope to see you there.

The Buzz on Native Bees – with Megan Halcroft

Waratah Education Centre, Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah, Bells Line of Road, Mount Tomah, NSW.

Saturday, 27 January 2018 from
10:30 am to 1:30 pm (AEDT)

Hello Garguree Swampcarers I will be heading to this event so if you want to join me and haven’t got a ride I can fit 4 extra people in my car. I drive well, sing loudly and talk a bit but other than that I’m safe. David King

Reminder Please Register Today: Gully Get Together December 3.


If it is rain rain we will have to cancel but currently the rain is predicted to occur in the evening. It will still be wet underfoot and around the legs but that it is Swampcare and the place my mother remembered with the beauty of wetlands.

Please register for the December 3 – Upper Gedumba Catchment Happy Habitat day so that Jane can order enough lunch. Please invite friends and feel free to share this day with others. It is a learning ​and introduction to habitat ​day​.​

December 3 -Upper Gedumba Catchment PROPOSED Happy Habitat Runsheet.


8.30 – Sign In, Setup, Tool Up, Questions.
8.45 – Welcome to Country and Upper Gedumba Catchment Pathway.
Birds, Bees, Habitat, Macroinvertebrates and Tree Planting:
Split into 5 even groups.
9.00 – Group Session 1
9.40 – Group Session 2
10.20 – Group Session 3
11.00 – Group Session 4
11.40 – Group Session 5
12.30 – Lunch
13.30 – Wrap Up (final touches), Clean Up and Yarning Circle.
2.30pm – Close.

Extra Items:

Pinch Bars needed for the perch pole holes.
Please bring some home snacks to share or a personal snack pack during the morning.
I will bring a small bell and whistle. The bell will signify 10 minutes until each stream needs to move on, the whistle will signify 5 minutes until the stream handover. I will yell out “handover” when time is up.

I will get the billy going early so people can have an ongoing cuppa, but everyone will need to bring their own cup. I will set up one table for people to wash and dry their cup.
Please bring a bottle of water and cup.

This will be a great day to close out another brilliant year working as a community restoring Country. We have worked out a plan for 2018 it will have its challenges but in the end it will make us a stronger and a better, better best, group.

Once again thanks everyone for what you do it is brilliant. I’m amazed at what a group of people who volunteer their time can do and be. For me it is more than just a group of people restoring Country it is family and community.

Please register for the Happy Habitat Day by December 1. Thank You.

Garguree Swampcare 3 December
Would you love to come and do some planting and habitat creation? We will be making shelters for frogs, perchs for birds and sun soaks for lizards. Find out what critters live in the gully with local experts on birds, bees and everything in between as well as how to care for the catchment of the Dwarf Mountain Pine (Pherosphaera fitzgeraldii). You’ll meet other Bush carer’s in your community too.

• Lunch is provided as well as all tools and training
• Please RSVP to Jane before Friday 1 December on

Catchment Community Day Sunday December 3 8.30am until 2.30pm

Hello Everyone, Our Bushcare, Landcare, Swampcare day was postponed recently due to some beautiful rain so we are going to try again on Sunday December 3 – 8.30am to 2.30pm.
Thankfully we have been able to put on the same program with a Welcome and talk about the work in Garguree and the Catchment area – Upper Gedumba. We will still have habitat creation talks, bird talks, bee talks, macro-invertebrates (water bugs) talk, yarning circle, campfire, planting etc.
We do need you to re-register or register for catering purposes. Please e-mail are call Jane by Friday November 24.
These days are community focussed, training provided, no pressure, no stress, just for you to enjoy yourself, you can join us for the whole event or part of the event.
Please BYO cup and water bottle. Thank You.