June 4, 2017 9am to 12pm 1 degree to 14 degrees – the workday returns.

Greetings Swampcare People,

My current period of unemployment is going well I still haven’t decided what is next but I have had the opportunity to work with Aunty Sharyn and a number of other people and groups over the last few weeks. Whilst working with GAHAI I picked up a new nickname. The Dingo doesn’t cope very well in amongst people and Darbo is Gundungurra for strong black tea. So a few close friends now call me Dingo Darbo.

We start at 9am finishes at 12pm. Our goal at GTO and Garguree Swampcare to reconnect community and Country so please feel free to enjoy yourself as well as helping restoring Country.

The Gully, Garguree Swampcare, meeting point for this Sunday will be middle swamp enter the path from 23 Gates Avenue and head up until you see the BMCC work truck where Jane will be. If you drive please park in the cul de sac.

Under the guidance of Jane, you will be guided around the area to start the continual restoration of this weed heartland.Some of our plantings haven’t worked out that well, some of our plantings have been highly successful, some plants need to be found again and set free, some weeds are trying to overtake our plantings, there always seems to be a blackberry, some of our plants are standing strong, so over the next few workdays we will address this area.

Morning Tea from 11.30am until 12pm (We might go until 12.30pm). Our brilliant morning tea lady Sandy Holmes will be there once again supporting us with scrumptious delights.

We have an extra item this month thanks to all the brilliant work done over the years by everyone we have been honoured with the Indigenous Land Management award presented on site this Sunday. We will also be honoured by the presence of Chris O singing a brilliant song that was written about Country.

I will arrive around 9am after a Welcome to Country at Wentworth Falls and set up for 11.30am Morning Tea at the Heritage Centre (23 Gates Avenue).

We won’t have Ellen with us this month as Ellen has absconded to Uni at Geelong due to her artistic abilities plus all the free food. So you will have to put up with Dingo Darbo managing the table which is always a tough gig.

Thank You,

David King
The Tea Maker aka Dingo Darbo