Student Groups working Kattoomba Falls – Thank You.

So far this year we have been able work the Maple Grove and Katoomba Falls area as well as up the top with Garguree Swampcare. My thanks to GTO Sharyn Halls, Shelley Taylor from KCC, Elly Jane Chatfield Gamillaroi, BMCC Jane, Monica, Erin, Eric and staff. Ian and the Sydney Walks team. The Sydney Walks student groups. The school from Campbellltown and the legendary Garguree Swampcarers.

Elly Chatfield and I have had the privilege to sit and talk with all the groups. This week 9 x Senior High students sat with us on Monday night and were a brilliant genuine group as we discussed Aboriginal Culture and History. Today this group planted, weeded and cleaned up rubbish without complaint above Katoomba Falls.

Thank You.

Photos taken by Elly Chatfield where the students worked today.