Out and About Garguree

Just an update on some of the items around Garguree:

– The tyre and BBQ were removed by BMCC.
– If you spot that the second window is broken I have reported it and BMCC are fixing.
– If you spot BMCC changing the tap head it is because some local trades people and some people who are illegally camping have been using our water.
– I have reported the bin which is overflowing.
– I haven’t reported to dumped blue chair yet as I misplaced the photo. The chair is near the Garguree entrance from the pool.
– Thanks to Erin and Jane we will be getting some coir logs above the falls at Maple Grove. Some students from Sydney Coastal Walks planted 250 tubestock in the Maple Grove area and cleaned up a lot more rubbish for us. A big thanks to Shelley from KCC for getting this connection started.
– The drain problem above Katoomba Falls has been reported.
– The boggy track someone formed into the Gully now has sandstone rocks to try and stop them.
– The mulch is being laid out in preparation for one of our workdays towards then end of this year.
– I’m contemplating what to write to BMCC about our landslide issues.
– I have been checking all of our plantings and we are very successful.
– Thanks again everyone for your continued support and encouragement.